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Record Runner FAQ

Shipping Policy

Why can't I ship my order to another address?

We MUST have your billing address in order to process your order.  As we are a small record store, we can't take the risks of credit card fraud like the bigger stores can.  So we must individually call the credit card company to make sure the address you've given us is actually yours.  If the billing address is even one digit off (did you forget to write your apartment number?  Is your zip code off by one digit?) the bank will tell us that it's the wrong address.  They won't give out your information, just confirm what we've got, so it's up to you to make sure what you tell us is 100% correct.  This is for your protection as well as ours.

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Policies & Privacy


Our privacy policy is simple.  We do not provide your information to anyone. It is viewed solely by us so that we can inform you of new releases and updates, as well as provide you with the highest quality service. Return Policy.  Returns are accepted within 21 days (three weeks) from date of purchase ONLY for damaged/defective/misrepresented items. But no matter what, you MUST contact us prior to returning any item so we can inform you how to handle each specific situation! Otherwise, we cannot and will not be responsible for any item returned without prior notification. Email us at recordrunn [at] aol [dot] com or call (212) 255-4280.

Shipping in-Stock and out-of-Stock Items.  Any in-stock items will ship within 24 hours. We will notify customers who order items that are out-of-stock about an approximate shipping date.

Release Dates are Often Unreliable!  Due to the unpredictable nature of record companies, release dates are often postponed or altered, and sometimes it happens faster than we can update it on the site! So, please take this into consideration if you have an item on pre-order. We get new releases as soon as they are actually released.

Prices Change!  Due to the nature of our business, prices on collectible items might fluctuate in value. There are countless variables which contribute to determining the price an item is sold for. The prices listed in the current update will always be the price we charge.

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How do "pre-orders" work?

If you "pre-ordered" a CD that has not been released yet, a pop-up window will open up and let you know that the item you are interested in is not available yet. If you e-mail us and ask, we will let you know when it is finally in stock. We recommend that you pre-order, because often times our initial shipment of an item will be sold out the day it gets here.  Many import CDs take over a week to get back in stock, so it's best to have already placed your order, so you are guaranteed a copy.  In many cases we will have listed a CD for pre order more than a month before it's intended release.  If your credit card info has changed within that time, you must tell us, otherwise we will be unable to process your order.  We don't charge your credit card until the day we ship out your item, so it's always important to let us know of any changes.  Also very often record companies will delay the release of an album anywhere from one week to several months!  Please understand that we are not responsible for this, and are just as disappointed as you.

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International Orders

Can I place an order from outside the United States?

In short, yes but... No offense to our beloved international customers, but it is MUCH more difficult to process an order from outside the USA. We can't always verify international credit cards. That doesn't mean we won't try though. Certain places (UK, Canada, Germany...) allow us to verify their credit cards depending on the bank, other places simply will not.  When we can't verify a credit card, there are plenty of other routes we can take.  (Online payment services, money orders, registered cash) This process sometimes can take a few days, so please be patient if you haven't heard from us.  We process orders every day.  Also, if we do process an international credit card, the company requires us to insure your items.  In order to do that we must value to the contents of your package on the outside of the box.  That can often lead to high duty taxes on your end, which is often something customers would prefer to avoid.  That's why other methods besides credit cards are often the best answer.  Simply contact us if you are from out of the USA, and we'll prepare a total for you including shipping, and suggest a method of payment that would be right for you!

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Out of Stock

Help! The product I want is listed as Out Of Stock. What do I do?

Don't give up. Check with us first by email.

We recently redesigned our website and now some of our inventory of our inventory may be slightly off. In the event we only had one copy of something, it might say we have none left. That is not always true. We're trying to fix this, but as I'm sure you can tell, we've got tons and tons of items on our website, and we find that our energy is best used adding all the new things that arrive every day. So if there's something you see on our website, feel free to order it anyway, or simply e-mail us at info@recordrunnerusa.com, and ask us if it's in stock, or if there's a chance we'll be getting it back in anytime soon.

On the other side of this spectrum, sometimes our inventory says we have an item, but we recently sold out of it. (We're a record store too, not just an online store, so many times a customer will come and buy our last copy of something and we may have not had the time to adjust the inventory on our website)  We apologize when this happens, and we're trying to fix this too.  Bear with us, and we promise if you want it, and it's out of stock, we'll do our best to find it for you.

What if I have other questions?

If we were unable to answer your question here, feel free to e-mail us here info@recordrunnerusa.com, and we'll answer anything we can!

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